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Main products: Electric Submersible Pump for pumping clean water, hot water and sea water with bronze, SS304, SS316, SS316L, Dupex stainless/SS904L; Mine Submersible Pump/Submersible Motor/Sewage Submersible Pump/Slurry Submersible Pump/Fountain Submersible Pump/Axail Flow Submersible Pump/Surface Centrifugal Water Pump. Related business: kinds of water pipes, cables, control panels, inverter and other pump spare parts.

How To Select A Suitable Water Pump Model?


In the selection of pump, the first is to confirm the basic conditions of use, including the physical and chemical properties of the conveying medium, like medium characteristics (such as corrosion, abrasion, toxicity, solid particle content and particle size, density, viscosity, vaporization pressure, etc. Because above factors impact the performance,material and structure of the pump.

The second is to confirm the parameters, like flow, head, temperature, NPSH, operation state.

The third is to confirm the site conditions, like installation position of the pump, ambient temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure.

After confirmation of above basic facts like medium, parameters, and site. The next work is to select the right type of pump, there are different types of pump like submersible pump, vertical turbine pump, sewage pump, volute mixed flow pump, the axial flow pump etc with different kinds of materials.

The last work is to determine the pump model. The pump model can be according to the performance curves, select the rated working point of the pump to fall in some efficient working area, and check the NSPH of the pump, check whether the material and seal of the pump can meet the requirements of the transmission of the pump.check whether the installation and maintenance conditions match the requirements of the pump design.when any two of the above mentioned meets. we should choose the one with combined following strengths: high efficiency, low weight, reasonable price.

How To Select A Suitable Water Pump Model?

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