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Main products: Electric Submersible Pump for pumping clean water, hot water and sea water with bronze, SS304, SS316, SS316L, Dupex stainless/SS904L; Mine Submersible Pump/Submersible Motor/Sewage Submersible Pump/Slurry Submersible Pump/Fountain Submersible Pump/Axail Flow Submersible Pump/Surface Centrifugal Water Pump. Related business: kinds of water pipes, cables, control panels, inverter and other pump spare parts.

Five Star Level After-sale Service


We are awarded a five star level after-sale service from National Authoritative Department. Shenlong(APK) pump factory has been a ODM OEM competitive reputable water pump manufacturer since 1996, got customers’ reward. Whether pre-order service or after sale service, we are here all the time.

Five Star Level After-sale Service

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